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You don't have to be great to start, But you have to start to be Great

In 2007, Singapore organised its first table tennis league , Joola table tennis championship league. It attracted many of the young and the adult working community to participate. However it was discontinued in 2009 due to unforeseen circumstances.

In 2015 , a group of enthusiast decided to work with the help of Activesg (Sports Singapore) to hold its first major team championships with the aim in reviving the first national teams table tennis league. A total of 40 teams with a record 400 plus players responded . This year 2016, we had successfully divided the top eight teams in accordance through their results and placed them into 4 divisions . The response was overwhelming as more players have come forth to want to form teams to be part of the league. This is a sign of maturity of our local table tennis arena. More players have the desire to show interest in improving their game as we see the ages of participants getting much younger than before.

We realized the void and a need to create a competitive platform for the up and coming players to display their talents. We hope to gather the support from commercial and social communities to help nurture and cultivate a nation of high level playing field to meet the challenges of the fast rising standards of the other Asian neighbours

  • agility
  • power
  • endurance
  • stamina

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